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Re: StClair war deaths

Dear Cousin:

    I wanted to take a moment to answer your question about other St. Clair
feeling about members of family long since past away.  I have uncle named
Charles D. St. Clair who was killed in W.W.II.  I seem to know him so well
that in 1997 I named my youngest son Charles D. St. Clair, II after my Uncle
I never actually seen.  A side note is I don't know all the details but my
Grandfather use to work on the rail road (N & W) out Eggleston many years
ago.  He along with my aforementioned Uncle are buried in Christiansburg,
Montgomery County, Virginia.  I now live in Florida.

    Congratulation on getting back to Virginia.  I wish my family and I
could be there too.

John P. St. Clair
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> Kenneth Laurence StClair,  Born:05 May 1896 Eggleston,Giles Co. Va.  Died:
> June 1918 France.  Parents: John Henry StClair & Ada Phillips StClair.  I
> meant to send this to Laurel before the anniversary date of his death but

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