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Re: StClair war deaths

Kenneth Laurence StClair,  Born:05 May 1896 Eggleston,Giles Co. Va.  Died: 11 
June 1918 France.  Parents: John Henry StClair & Ada Phillips StClair.  I 
meant to send this to Laurel before the anniversary date of his death but we 
are in the process of moving back to Virginia and most of my documents 
concerning Uncle Kenneth are packed in some box someplace in this mess called 
home for the moment.  I wonder if the other StClair cousins feel as we do 
that we know those who died long before we were born almost as well as the 
immediate aunts and uncles?  I find that our interest in our history is 
regarded as strange by some and with envy by some others, just an observation 
from one who has been "exiled from God's country" for almost 37 years and is 
finally going home.  I hope to meet some of the cousins near and far that I 
have learned about on this list as we can never have too many kinfolk. Best 
regards to all, Charlotte Gellis, great-niece of Kenneth
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