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America's Stonehenge

Connie Whittall, the widow of the late Jim Whittall, has informed me that there
will be a programme on America's Stonehenge.  Her e-mail reads as follows:

I contacted the people in California - they let me
know that the show on the History Channel - America's
Stonehenge will be airing on July 3rd. James P. will
be mentioned in the show. I believe the name of the
show is 'Histories and Mysteries'. I don't have cable,
so I cannot be sure of the exact name. Please check
your local listings. Thanks - Connie

The several acres of buildings and walls which make up America's
Stonehenge complex is totally dissimilar to Stonehenge in England
and it is a puzzle as to why it is referred to as "Stonehenge" as there
is no 'henge' there whether of stone or wood.  The only similarity is
that the two complexes had religious significance,  both are aligned
astronomically and both are over 5,000 years old.  There the similarity

I will not spoil your anticipation of the programme by explaining more
about "America's Stonehenge" except to say that it is well worth a visit
because it demonstrates that the history of the New World is every bit
as old as that of the Old World.  The evidence is everywhere to be seen
- from the frozen North to the tropical South.

I am glad the producer's of the film are giving Jim Whittall a credit because
Jim was one of those archaeologists who was prepared to go out on a limb
Jim's major work was on Newport Tower which he firmly believed
had been built by Prince Henry Sinclair's expedition to the New World in 1398.

It is my intention to ensure that his work is commemorated in some way. I am
currently endeavouring to enlist support in Rhode Island and in Massachusetts
towards that end.  We will be having a major exhibition in the Boston Public
Library in August 2002 where Jim's work will be prominently displayed.

In the meantime, please note the date for the film on America's Stonehenge.
July 3rd - the day before Independence Day.   Alas, we won't be able to see
it on this side of the pond but I'll try to obtain a copy from the producers of
the film.  I'll let them have one about Prince Henry in exchange!!

Niven Sinclair

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