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Re: WOW Sally

Not only are you related to the writer Upton Sinclair you also have
Australian relations that are much closer than  the Shetlands.  Your history
according to the US Navy glows. One of your forbearers has the American Gold
star, twice! Wallace Warfield Simpson, Duchess of Windsor has a branch on
your tree.  Got a whale of a tale to tell you lass and it is all documented,
three books worth. Write off list and we will send you copies of hand
written letters, commendations from the US Navy and  photos of the tombstone
in Liverpool. There are two of you ilk buried there.  One died at 18 with
exceptional gallantry and Captain Sinclair is Commodore Sinclair related to
rear Admiral Sinclair who lived, after retirement in Washington DC  USA.
William Beverley  Sinclair Surgeon US Navy Senior and junior were  men of
honour, both Father and son.

The American Secretary of the Navy, The Honourable Levi Woodberry, Secretary
in his own hand wrote of George Terry Sinclair " I am happy to say that the
conduct of Mids George T. Sinclair during the time he has been under my
command aboard this ship, from July 1831 to June 1834, has been such as to
command my approbation. ....an active intelligent young man of excellent
moral character and promises fair to make a first rate officer."
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> George Tarry, senior and junior,
>William Beverley (Dr) and his son.  There were seven men of that family
>in the Civil War.

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