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Sinclairs in the military

Arthur Sinclair who started out as a merchant ship captain in the mid
1700s according to what I have "took a prize" and then spent the rest of
his life trying to get paid for it. His son, Arthur Sinclair was in the
Battle of the Lakes, War of 1812. For is action in command of a 32 gun,
the State of Virginia gave him a sword.  That sword is now in the
Virginia Historical Society. His son Arthur, was in the US Navy, and I
have most of his record, resigned and went into the the Confederate
navy. He and his son Arthur, who graduated from the Naval Academy sort
of followed each other around in the Navy. Both, according to what I
have read recently were with Perry in Japan. Both were on the CSS
Alabama. The son got to return to the US after the Kearsage sunk the
Alabama, having been taken off by the Deerhound. The father chose to
take another ship to sea "Lelia", evidently named for his wife. The
Lelia foundered in the mouth of the Mersey River, and Captain Sinclair
drowned and was buried in Fleetwood Cemetery (which I find is north of
Liverpool), he was about 65. Captain Sinclair was also the captain of
the CSS Mississippi, which never got the chance to be a full fledged
warship at the Battle of New Orleans.  He also provided other sons and
grandsons to the Navy/Confederate Navy. George Tarry, senior and junior,
William Beverley (Dr) and his son.  There were seven men of that family
in the Civil War.
There is another line, from Gloucester, VA - notably, Captain John
Sinclair, which is not directly my line, but much of his line I have
gotten from the Library of Virginia on line.  You all may notice that I
have been trying to get the next generation back of my original Arthur
Sinclair who was born(?) in Scalloway, Shetland about 1707.  My newest
hope is the Archives Records at Lerwick, Shetland.  For those
interested, the Surry County Sinclairs belong to that rarified group,
Descendents of Pocahontas. regards, Sally  PS, anyone who may not have
the info, the Library of Virginia, Digital Library, Genealogy - R.
Bolling Batte files, will find the American genealogy of both Sinclairs.

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