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Sinclair Naval Records

I'd be quite interested in learning about these records and what they
contain. My g-g-grandfather John Albert Sinclair served in the Civil War
Navy 1864-5 and I have some information about him from his pension (he was
in the Army also). When I wrote to the NARA about Naval records, they said
they were too fragile to work with.
He may have been on the San Jacinto when it was wrecked, and also served on
the Clyde and Honduras in the East Gulf Blockade Squadron as a coal heaver.
Mahalo and take care, Kevin
PS- Anyone interested in the CW Navy should check out "Life in Mr. Lincoln's
Navy" by Dennis Ringle.
Records of the Civil War Navy (including ship descriptions) and Army can be
found (and searched) here: http://cdl.library.cornell.edu/moa/

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