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Privateer, Duchess and American navy

We have just received the records of Sinclairs from the American Department
of the Navy dating back to the American rebellion until WW II.  The records
include personal records and stories of Sinclair in the Confederate States
of America Navy as well as the US Navy.  Including a Sinclair privateer,
with letters of Marque and Reprisal form the US Congress in American

Wallace Warfield Simpson later the Duchess of Windsor has Sinclair
connections with the colourful socialist and California  candidate Upton
Beal Sinclair, himself a grandson of a prominent American Navel officer

An Interesting book that may been overlooked by our American cousins is "The
Sinclair Family of Virginia" subtitled Descendants of Henry Sinclair born in
Aberdeen Scotland the second son of the Earl of Caithness and John Sinclair
his son 1755-1820 and Allied Families by Jefferson Sinclair Selden Jr. "She
touched the soil of Virginia with her little foot and the wilderness became
a home" written of Georgina Wray nee Sinclair Selden.


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