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Re: skullandcrossbones.org

Thanks to Jean de St. Sigeron, we have tracked down our man
with alacrity that may perhaps make us worthy of Adam Sinclair.

Dexter Wright turns out to be a very thoughtful character who
volunteers to add attributions to any page that needs them.
I repost here one of his responses to me with his permission.

He may also be joining the list; I've sent him the instructions.

Meanwhile, his pages have already provoked some interesting
discussions about symbols and history on the list.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>

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Thanks for your very appropriate response.

I think the group did a fine job of organizing information in a coherent way
from a novel point of view.

The only thing that's missing is attributions.  In addition to the material
that came from
(probably from when it was hosted as http://www.mids.org/sinclair/)

I think you'll find there is material that came from various other places
as well, such as

So far as I know, no one is particularly upset about this, but a few
attributions here and there would be appreciated.  Besides, as you say,
a few links would probably produce more hits.

Do you mind if I forward your letter over to a mailling list I run,
to which many of the people who wrote the other web pages subscribe?

John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>

>Hello John,
>    This is Dexter Wright. Thank you for your email. I see what you mean
>about the content.   I run skullandcrossbones.org but have not reviewed all
>the content on the site. I am a web developer and administer a large number
>of commercial websites.
>     Skullandcrossbones was a group 'hobbie' effort a few years ago and it
>started doing well so a domain name was purchased. The objective was to
>simply raise public awareness of Scottish history, Templars and Freemasons.
>All content was supposed to be either original or with permission. I will be
>happy to remove any content that is yours or, since the site receives in
>excess of 30,000 hits a month, you may want an attribution on what is yours
>with a link to your site, since that would serve to boost your own sites
>ratings in the search engines.
>    Thank you for your gracious letter and please accept my apologies for
>your content appearing on our site. I will see that it is removed until I
>hear from you otherwise. And my compliments on your site, I see you have a
>great deal of information there and have done a lot of work.
>Sincerely yours,
>Dexter Wright
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>Subject: Sinclair Family
>> Hi-
>> Congratulations on skullandcrossbones.org.
>> It is an interesting point that the Templar fleet would have been regarded
>> as pirates by Muslims, and later as outlaws and pirates by Christians.
>> I was noticing some rather similar wording on
>>  http://www.skullandcrossbones.org/articles/sinclairs.htm
>> to that on
>>  http://sinclair.quarterman.org/sinclair/history/med/scotland.html
>> Should I take this as a compliment?
>> John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>

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