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Elizabeth's sons & holy bloodlines and such

Dear Bruce,

Fascinating stuff, if calling for several grains of salt.  This
reference to Elizabeth having had two sons--

> Following the childless death of Elizabeth Tudor of England, the
> and English Crowns were united in 1603.  (IMHO not actually
childless; she
> had 2 sons = kept a state secret for political reasons.  They were
> from court and given titles on their maturity).

You say this is in your opinion--could I ask you the basis for this
theory, and could you give names?  As someone who makes her living
sussing out items of "crypto-history", as I call it--the secret
history behind the official history--this is an intriguing
supposition, but I've run across nothing this specific in my
research--and my area of emphasis in my master's research was the
Tudor and Elizabethan period.  Two pregnancies brought to term would
have been pretty difficult to conceal, especially for someone
constantly in the public eye--but some women don't show, right to the

As for the proliferation of speculative fiction involving a holy
bloodline--weeeeel, I suppose some of it could be true; I'd <like> for
some of it to be true.  But I have to say that I was merely bemused on
Saturday, when I was looking over the new titles available in the
bookstalls at Roslyn Chapel.  (I was there for an investiture of the
Order of St. Lazarus.)  Some books of this sort are irresistible--I
own and have read not a few of them--but I couldn't find even one that
prompted me to whip out my wallet.  Maybe maturity does, indeed, bring
finer discrimination.  ;-)

Best wishes,
Katherine in Ireland

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