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RE: Sinclairs, JC?

To everyone,

My posting was to answer the topic of origin of the Lion and the Unicorn in
the Arms of Scotland.
I had thought of editing out Gardner's words referring to JC and his
decendants; but it is a major part of his unicorn theme.
One cannot describe his House of Unicorns without quoting him in sufficient
This is not really the forum to discuss the topic itself.
Sinclairs will have a wide range of beliefs globally, nationally, locally
and in the immediate family; and others may just not want to read topics
touching upon the religious.

As to your other questions;
What do I believe?
Hmmm...Again, not really the place to voice these things.  Shall I just say
it is quite possible, but one has to make up one's own mind up in these
matters.  Certainly, read all the books that Mr Tim Wallace-Murphy has had
published, and one should be able to find a way through such a topic.  Tim
and others are experts in this area; I am just a voracious reader of such

The marriages between the Stewarts, Setons, Sinclairs and Bruces; certainly
occurred.  But one would think that the specialness described as being a
little holy is not quite right.  Books on the subject suggest that its the
unique qualities of certain individuals that occur from time to time.  Most
notably from these families over the longer haul.  So it might be a genetic
disposition or an insight and maturity that many but not all have and
utilise in their lives for the betterment of others.  The Templars did
gravitate to this idea and could be argued as the outward expression of
these very old ideas that go back to JC's time and before him.  The
descendants of JC is not really the point or the controversy.  Its the
religous ideas and philosophies that continually buds out of certain
families; seems to some Sinclairs are in the mix.

Apologies to any that I may have tread upon their sensibilities.
Let us stick to the Unicorn and the Lion.

Kindest regards
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