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Dear Laurel:

Thanks for the mention.  I gave you slightly incorrect title for the piece.
The article is actually called "Reader of the LOST Stone" (like "Raiders of
the Lost Ark", ha, ha!).  Also, I am advised that the May issue of Fortean
Times that is published in the U.K. is probably the JUNE issue in the U.S.

See my message to Ward Ginn which should be arriving moments after this one
for an explanation.

Thanks Again!

Spirit One Email wrote:

> Dear Jeff,
>     Have you looked over www.clansinclairusa.org "history" as a place for
> your article?
> I have already added a note concerning your article under "New Ongoing
> Projects"
> I understand why you cannot post your info yet.  I have to wait 6 months
> before I put the old Yours Aye clan quarterly history on my site.
> Laurel
> Historian Clan Sinclair USA

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