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Re: Balantrodoch Temple

April 28, 2001

Dear Bill, et al:

The "knowledge" is as ancient as most people could ever imagine,  and Scotland
was and is a meeting place for all the several strands to come together in
RELATIVE safety--as one of the outlands of the earth, eminently defensible
(even by a few), protected by a huge moat, and buffered by England.  The
Templars were the LAST on the scene (until WE showed up).  That's all I'll say
for now.  Just a week of moving around on these "threaded links" and the only
thing I'm absolutely sure about is that I'm absolutely UNsure who sees what,
and when.  It's all a bit intimidating, but I'll get through.

In three weeks I'll post photos of the church, the inscribed stone, and the
Dundas graveslab.  I don't think Fortean Times would appreciate me publishing
any of the substance of my article, albeit in cyberspace, until their May issue
is replaced by the June issue.  And since I plan on publishing a much longer
(and I think even more important) article with them in a few months, I'd kinda
like to stay on their good side.  Hope you understand.

That said, how should I post them (I'm a neophyte in this discussion group
thing, so perhaps one of you could help)?  Are JPEGS OK?  The three together
will only total about about 100K.  Will that gum up the works for too many

Is there a better way?

All Best!


PS: I expect to be away for about a week beginning this Saturday, May 5, and
will therefore be "unwired" and e-less.

"William S. Buehler" wrote:

> Jeff,
> RE your studies I doubt that you will find much of use in the historical
> sources. I have not found a thing that explains the Templars' superb
> energetic design of their temples. Certainly they would have kept their
> knowledge secret. However as an example of probable Templar application
> check out the energy axis from Caerketton Hill where we find the cairn and
> "Templar Grove" of trees resembling a cross (I think a sword hilt), thence
> just passing Rosslyn and then to the Temple. I view this as one of two
> primary energy axes through Rosslyn. I think it "misses" Rosslyn (barely)
> due to telluric adjustment needed in the axis, further, that this same
> corrected placement misses the golden ratio point found at the edge of

[ Excess quotations omitted. ]

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