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School Project

hello all,
my daughter  is doing this project in school and the teacher picked Scotland
for her, I wonder if someone can send me some wed sites that we can check
out.  you can email me directly  at dly2@pacbell.net.  Thank you very much.

Debbie from the bay area...=D

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From: William S. Buehler <roslinne@fone.net>
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Subject: Balantrodoch Temple

> Jeff,
> RE your studies I doubt that you will find much of use in the historical
> sources. I have not found a thing that explains the Templars' superb
> energetic design of their temples. Certainly they would have kept their
> knowledge secret. However as an example of probable Templar application
> check out the energy axis from Caerketton Hill where we find the cairn and
> "Templar Grove" of trees resembling a cross (I think a sword hilt), thence
> just passing Rosslyn and then to the Temple. I view this as one of two
> primary energy axes through Rosslyn. I think it "misses" Rosslyn (barely)
> due to telluric adjustment needed in the axis, further, that this same
> corrected placement misses the golden ratio point found at the edge of
> Roslin town.
> My point being that the whole system of the Edinburgh areas' grids need to
> be viewed with Temple as part of them. Based on St. Columba's knowledge of
> the "Lindisfarne L" (... illumined letter L: 1st page of the Lindisfarne
> Gospels... which is also found in Edinburgh pivoted on Inchcolm (Columba
> Island) at the St. Columba Chapel, south to Black Hill (old Sinclair
> tower site), then to Rosslyn)... I would make a strong intuitive guess
> the system predates Columba and the Templars later moved into/over the
> principle sites. Ratcheting that up a notch, look at the complexity of all
> of Scotlands' grids and decide if the Templars could have psyched all of
> that out in their short time on the scene. Columba could not have; that
> leaves the Celts and earlier groups I should think. People say that the
> earlier peoples were more "Earth-Wise" but just because they might have
> stronger in shamanistic technique doesn't make them smarter than later
> groups who could also specialize in telluric dynamics complementing
> Nor should we assume that the Templars and earlier groups were less
> sophisticated than we are now or unable to lay out large area grids. After
> all the argument has blown over the stone circles are still there in the
> right places.
> Certainly I'm just guessing about the Columba connection in spite of the
> indicators, and the degree of academic accuracy in the guess would be
> debatable if I felt like debating... which I don't. However I think
> enough to it to warrant working hypotheses in that direction: that the
> grids predate the Templars. I concur with your remark:
> "There's a Dundas graveslab inside the roofless kirk, in the northeast
> corner.  Compare the carving on it with the Templar graveslab in Roslin.
> (....) It's my opinion that Temple was in the hands of the Templars for
> much, much
> longer than the historians would like us to believe."
> RE the Dundas graveslab, my understanding of the old technique was to
> the temple's energetic corner stone in the NE corner, generally high up.
> keeping with the alchemy of relics including human remains you might
> that the stone, since its in the kirk and showing at the surface, is a
> reference point. You'd begin by checking out the carving on it. If you
> me the temple plan and the slab's placement, plus the inscriptions perhaps
> could help a bit. I've done a few checks of serious tomb slabs and believe
> that they may be schematics of larger systems, including that of the
> Knight. It would at least pass the idle hour.
> Bill Buehler
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