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Re: Lion Heraldry

The Lion is ancient in art and symbolism.  There is a fascinating
being shown on UK TV at the moment on the Celts.  It shows the Celts in what
is now Austria and France, pre-Roman, had contact with the Greeks and a wine
urn of Greek origin found in a tomb in France is decorated with Lions.
One lion was broken and was replaced with Celtic work, which does not look
 much like a Lion, so it is supposed that they had no direct contact.

As I mentioned in my earlier posting, there is an idea that the "Lion" came
in to Scotland with the Stone of Destiny as a symbol of the "Lion of Judah",
and connects with the myth that Scota, wife of Gathelus from whom we Scots
are supposed to take our name, was descended from the Royal House of David
(see the Scottish Section of our website).

Yours aye

Iain Laird


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> What would the origin of the Scottish Lion be?

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