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Re: Lt.Col.Sinclair

Good information Wanda, which I have the perfect place to put on the clan
USA website but could you tell me the website source?
Ian, your Lt. Col. Sinclair, doesn't seem to be on the list.  Do you have a
first name for him?  I will add him--which catagory: Mutiney Medal or simply
Indian Forces?

  I see that most of the list received the Mutiney Medal.  I assume that
they weren't all directly associated with this event but the Medal awarded
to those who served during a certain time period anywhere in India.  Right?
But that brings up the catagory that the last two Sinclairs fall
into--Indian Forces.  Maybe they were there before or after the Mutiny Medal
time frame???

INDIAN MUTINY (1857-1858).Tightening British rule, the breaking down of
cherished traditions, and the fear of forcible conversion led to wide-spread
unrest against the British East India Company.  On May 10, 1857 trouble
began with a riot by Sepoy troops in a Meerut brothel.  The troops then
stormed the jail, releasing 85 of their comrades who had refused to use
Enfield rifle cartridges, which they believed to be greased with pork and
beet fat, forbidden to Moslems and Hindus, respectively.  (The cartridge
paper had to be bitten before it was inserted in the muzzle.)  The rebellion
soon spread throughout the Ganges Valley in northern India, where
four-fifths of the East India Company army consisted of native troops.
After more than a year, the mutiny was supressed.  On Sept. 1, 1858, the
rule of India was transferred from the East India Company to the crown.
Reforms were instituted, and in 1876 Queen Victoria was proclaimed Empress
of India. From "An Encyclopedia of Battles" by David Eggenberger
I got on a website that says that H.E.I.C.S. stands for "Honourable East
India Company's Service".
While looking on the internet for you, I also came across the following info
on Sinclair in the Military in India.


  Can any one tell me about a Lt.Col.Sinclair,H.E.I.C.S. who married   a
Rebecca Sinclair in1847. They had a daughter Ann, he died in may 1861. Does
anyone know what the initial's stand for. Refr.Birks  Gentry of Ireland.
  Yours Faithfully Ian

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