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hey all...just a comment...

	This is a voluntary list...some people on it are busy...some people on the
list are too busy to read, much less answer every e-mail they get (and this
list is not the only source of e-mail in the world) the same way that some
people are too busy to post the url or a copy of a self-penned article they
want everyone to read...

	Particularly, I do not expect Niven to answer every e-mail I send him, on
or off-list...When extremely busy, I can get up to 200 e-mails each day, and
don't respond to half of them because it's frankly impossible...Niven's just
as busy, if not more so...it's not a lack of courtesy, it's a lack of time
to respond to unsolicited requests for time and energy...I always appreciate
any time that Niven spares for me...

	If someone doesn't respond to an unsolicited request for their time, energy
and resources, one should be more understanding about the lack of
response...the same as we all should be when someone demands we read their
stuff and then doesn't provide it...making us spend time, energy and
resources to look for it... if we have them...

	So Mr. Nesbitt, sorry I won't get to see your article, I'm sure it
surpasses the more than 1 million words already existing on the subject...

	and please don't carry on this thread, most of us don't have time for it...

				rob cohn

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