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Re: genetic testing

The earliest we know for sure of the Coleman line was John Coleman born 1761
New York City.   Long ago someone in the family supposedly hired a
genealogist to look further into this and was told that his parents were
John Coleman an Irishman with the British troops stationed in NY who married
a local gal Hannah Kooms of Dutch ancestry.  He supposedly went with his
regiment before the birth of this child and was shot by a cannon and died at
sea Aug. 1761 the same month his son was born.  Quebec, Louisburg and Havana
have been given as the place of the battle.  Battle of Quebec was 1759,
Louisburg was just about closed down by 1760 but Havana is yet to be
researched.  Of course there could have been an accidental discharge during
troop practice maneuvers and thus it could have been Quebec or Louisburg
even.  Or the whole story could have been made up.
    The family just feels that they are Irish.  But still there could be
English settlers in Ireland from whom he decended.  It does seem probable
that his parents were John and Hannah because of the naming paterns of the

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