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Re: Genealogy question - Allan family

Dear Jenny,
                  I have no knowledge of the Allan Family, but for what it is 
worth I offer the following.  When I first came to Canada in 1948 my father 
had me visit a man called Dan Bain, in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  He said he was a 
cousin of his, and thus of mine.  Dan, actually Donald, owned a company 
called Donald H. Bain Ltd, and it was headquartered in Winnipeg, but had 
branch offices throughout Canada.  Dan came from Caithness,. probably 
Dunbeath, but I'm not sure.  My family all started from a croft in Dunbeath 
called 'The Lappan'.  There are many of my cousins on the list such as 
Margaret in Melbourne, Niven in U.K., and lots of other cousins around the 
world that may or not be on the list.  Several of my fathers family came to 
N.Z.,  It would be interesting to know how Donald H.Bain fit into the family. 
 He never married, and I believe he passed away before I left Canada to come 
the San Francisco.  Good luck with your search in any case,  best regards, 
Donald J.H. Sinclair.
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