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Re: Genealogy question - Allan family

  Here is a possible lead.  I have many Sinclair/ Allan connections.  My Allan family originally hailed from Swona, a small isle off the coast of Caithness, but officially part of Orkney.   What is the timeframe of your William Sinclair.  i have a Wm ch June 12, 1862 in Orkney, but he seems to have moved as there are no further records of him there.  A 1909 newspaper article commerating the 50th Anniversary of his parents Robert Sinclair and Mary Sutherland Allan noted that they had children in Australia, two in America, two in Liverpool, one in Glasgow and one in Barbsley, Yorkshire.  There have been reports (in old correspondance) of our branch of Sinclairs and Allan being in New Zealand but we don't know who.  

The only other Sinclair I have in New Zealand is Margaret Rita Sinclair who married G. Norquoy; she was the daughter of James Sinclair (c. 4/14/1853) and Margaret Cromarty.   Hope this helps,   Marilyn

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