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Isabella Sinclair

I have been searching for the parents of Isabella Sinclair, who married Innes Traill Reid 5 Dec. 1807 at Olrig, Caithness, Scotland. They had at least 4 children- George Traill Reid, chr. 6 Oct. 1810, Jane Traill Reid, chr. 20 may 1814, James Traill Reid, chr. 12 Jan. 1817 at Dunnet, Caithness, and Traill, chr. 2 Dec. 1819. They apparently lived on the Orkney Islands for a time, and in Caithness. This is the only information I have been able to find. Innes moved to Prince Edward Island (date unknown), taught school for three years (according to a grandson) and became ill. His son, James Traill Reid, came over to take him home, but he died shortly thereafter. James stayed on Prince Edward Island, married and raised a family there.
I have several questions:
Where was Isabella born and who were her parents? Did she have siblings?
Did Isabella moved to Canada, or did she die in Scotland? 
Did Isabella and Innes Traill Reid have other children?
Why did Isabella and Innes give all their children the name "Traill"? Was Innes's mother's maiden name Traill, perhaps?
Can anyone out there help me? 

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