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Re: masons et al

Well said my scholarly friend, but remember there are folk out there who
would disagree with the Sinclair connection, with Templar and Masonic
connection, for no other reason than the fact that they do not approve of
the power, both territorially and magistracy wise, that the Sinclair's had,
watch this space, they will soon be on the uptake!!!
You must also remember that Scottish and Irish Masonry predates the English
1717 constitution, which altered and adapted the earlier constitutions, to
fit its own needs.

Yours Aye
Ian of Noss Head

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Greetings all;

I offer as a quick summary a few of the connections on Sinclairs and Masons
for those that may be a bit confused on the various threads of discussion.
In doing so I wanted to contribute a small tid bit for those list readers

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