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Sinclair News

In Friday's John O'Groats Journal there is an article about the new ferry
service to Orkney and Shetland. North Link Ferries will run three times a day
out of Scrabster Harbour with new state of the art ships nicely equipped. The
article goes on to say that Lord Thurso is the Chairman of the Scrabster
Harbour Trust.

A second article states that the new Parliament building at Holyrood will be
faced with Caithness Flagstone from the Castletown area.

The April 1976 Caithness Field Club Bulletin has an interesting article about
the possible site on a Monastery near Murkle Mains. They were using old
accounts of the Sinclair Earls to try to map out the buildings and walls of
the nunnery.

Donald Sinclair (Indianapolis)