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Re:Tartan Day in Indiana Report

    Dear Cousins,

    Cousin Donna Stogsdill and I attended the Indiana National Tartan Day 
service in the Rotunda at the Indiana State House.  We gathered on the East 
steps.  The Murat Highlanders Pipe Band led the procession into the Capitol 
to the Rotunda followed by the St. Andrews and Red Lion flags and then we all 
marched in behind them.  Great Scot, Sally Fay, was the M.C.  The Governor's 
Proclamation was read by a State Official and the history of Tartan Day was 
presented.  The pipe band played and Scottish dancers did the Highland Fling 
and later the sword dance.  The Presidents of the Scottish Societies of 
Indps. and Ft. Wayne and President Emeritus of Clan Bruce, Rex Bruce were 
introduced. Several clans were represented.  I asked that Clan Sinclair's 
name be read, which it was.

    Donna and I then headed to Bloomington, Indiana for their Tartan Day 
gathering and displays at the College Mall.  Clans McCrae, Bruce, and 
Cunningham had displays, as did the Scottish Society of Indpls. Polly 
Tilford, Sec.-Treas of Clan Bruce played the bagpipes several times during 
the evening.

    It was a great day for the Scots in Indiana.  I hope that many of you 
were able to take part in such events in your home areas.  Thanks for your 

    Yours aye,  Ivan D. Lancaster of Trafalgar

    Dale Sandusky, President of Clan Forsyth--I had the Forsyth name read 
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