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Re: Masons, Scroll

The person you should be asking is a masonic historian, and yes he more than
likely would, my father is a mason and his father before him and so on. He
beleives you spoke to the wrong masons. It is a known fact that masonary  is
geometrical. Even if you were to pick up some literature on masonary, it
would explain it to you. One should really not speak about something they do
not know of, I realize it's just an opinion, however when people give their
opinions on something they know nothing about other people tend to listen and
speculate. I do not mean to be critical, I am just tired of masonary getting
such a bad rap, when it is such a wonderful organization. Have you ever read
on the Boston Tea Party, you would learn a lot about them, Look at every
tower in washington, and at the corner stones, markings the geometry of
masonary is everywhere. Start with George Washington and go from there. Then
make an opinion.