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RE: Masons, Sincairs & research


Thanks for your posting.

You wrote;" in terms of geometry related to energy and consciousness
management (grids). It seems to me that the Masons should know how to do
this, but can they? I just don't know. Would they tell us? Probably not."

Allow me to remove some of the mystery and speculation in this area.
I terms of energy and consciousness grids; we are devoid of this expertise.

The biggest sticking point arises when discussing history that is imbued
with Masonic history also.
It is often assumed by non-masons that masons in general and Masonic
researchers in particular are with-holding key information.  Some people
feel that if they knew what we knew, then everything will be revealed.
This is just not true.  

Most Masons do not have an understanding or interest in general history.
Certainly, very few take time to find out more for themselves.
In the same way, a point in time and comb through the generations and spot
individuals that have contributed to mankind in some way.  These individuals
tend to occur out familiar families and organisations and their legacies.
For this small but significant group; it leads them back to a number of
In this we are stumbling along in the same way as the clan investigating
their genealogies.
We share the same information.  And these great people are something of our
forefathers for us.

Now what do I know about these Sinclairs that outside researchers don't
Well, almost nothing.  Though very rarely, I might appreciate an item such
as contained in the 'Rosslyn Chapel' booklet a reference to a dove holding
an olive branch or some other Masonic motif.  But as such it is merely a
familiar object,not something that sources us with additional knowledge.
Its like recognising the engrailed cross with the Sinclair shield.

So what are Masons not telling you?  Very little.
There is very little that we are bound to keep inviolate.
What we preserve are three ceremonies; for each occasion a person moves
through the three degrees.
This is a very small part of what we do and it is modern in its form dating
from about 1725AD to 1732AD.
On this we are bound never to reveal.  A test of personal integrity more
than anything else, also it would diminish the occasion should a person know
the ropes in advance.  One could feel it was parse if you already had
knowledge of something that was going to be imparted to you.  No Sinclairs,
Templars or anything specific to our searches are contained within them.

I have tried to clear the air without muddying the waters for you all.
Not sure that I succeeded.  Worth a try as knowledge is not worth having
unless you do some good with it.
We are all looking for something = Truth.
Truth about our predecessors, and the Truth wihin ourselves.

Buce Carlyon

It occurred to me the other night that William 'The Prodigous' (whom I
admire); had passed on his genes...
on to Niven.  A man of account by his actions and words; 'Niven the
Prodigous'.  Belated birthday wishes to you.

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