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Masons, Scroll


First: I'm not a Mason or historian and I have not yet read the book however
I did study the Scroll several years ago if only on a TV screen... blurred
and distorted... from a video by Niven. Still, the larger images were clear
enough and I took rough angles probably accurate to 3 degrees (not good
enough for my purposes but still they are indicators).

My strong tentative evaluation is that both geometry and symbols are
resonant with spiritual dynamics used at Rosslyn and other major Templar
systems: cathedrals, et al. Additionally they were generally more advanced
than I was used to although still in my ball park and identifiable. I differ
with Mr. Wallace-Murphy in his not directly connecting the Scroll with
Roslyn; my view being one that similar and practically applied mechanics are
found both at Rosslyn and in the Scroll. The Chapel uses this geometry to
organize its intrinsic psychic field; I've been studying it for about 6

I doubt that modern Masons would use these energetic systems. I've discussed
this with perhaps a dozen Masons and they have honestly denied knowing this
craft. Probably Mr. Wallace-Murphy is correct in his view that Mason's would
connect with portions of the Scroll however I presently believe that the
early Templars had a superior understanding of the basic and subtle energy
and consciousness formats beyond present Masonic understanding.

Some might say that the Templars only educated their stone workers, later
Masons, in what alchemy was needed in stone and glass to do the job and kept
the core Great Works to themselves. But my experience so far is that the
Masons continued to show the core knowledge in their works up into the 18th
Century (re the geometry of Washington DC). Admittedly this assumes that I'm
aware of what the core knowledge is.

Relating to modern application, and somewhat disturbing to me is that the
Roman Catholic Church presently understands this high spiritual alchemy also
connecting it with Earth Grids as did the Templars and Masons. They have it
actively working now at the Montserrat basilica in Catalonia. Unfortunately
they have apparently tied it into a political agenda related to the
Catalonian independence movement thus creating a "sick" maladjustment in the
field. So they have the technology but it is evident that they are misusing
it and crippling the superb system. (Montserrat is probably the chief
pilgrimage site for Catholics and mystics, equal with Lourdes and Chartres.)

Bottom Line: I hope to eventually find the book and evaluate the Scroll in
detail, probably verifying my off-the-wall tentative estimate. My
expectation is that the sacred geometry is showing an advanced system. The
term: "advanced" is relative to what we know now and that is quite
subjective. If so, then I would expect to find these advanced aspects in
Rosslyn; I know now that the basics are there but to find them one must
analyze them in terms of geometry related to energy and consciousness
management (grids). It seems to me that the Masons should know how to do
this, but can they? I just don't know. Would they tell us? Probably not. Is
this a problem for us? Not much since I feel that we already have a good
handle on it and I'm not sworn to secrecy.

Blessed Be...

Bill Buehler

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