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Re: My Sinclairs

Concerning the corrupted image of the film:  Once I had such a bad film that I requested another copy.  Is yours from one of the Mormon History Centers.  There are a lot of copies made back in SLC.  I carry a magnifying glass with me. Sometimes you can have the image copied in the reverse/negative and then you can make it out better.  Also it can be blown up before it is copied.  Wish we could hire the FBI with their fancy photo equipment to help us out.  Sometimes this family research takes years and years, don't give up.  In that sense it is like any hobby.
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  I've followed everyones advice and have now gotten alittle further with my Sinclairs but it has been tough and I'm hoping someone out there might have a connection. My GGrandfather is Loami Sinclair born in Bartlett, N.H. about 1864, occupation farmer. He married Emma Drown in Bartlett, N.H. on 01 Nov. 1885 and had 2 children, male born 06 Aug.1886 
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