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Re: Sinclair

I appreciate your information and it possible that she may have been their
daughter.  However, I am very skeptical that she was due to the fact that
according to my family Nancy Sinclair, My gg grandmother was Lutheren in
Religion.  Is there a site that helps with genealogy regarding Lutherens or
do you know anyone that may know a way to trace the genealogy of Lutherens.
I appreciate any and all information you are able to provide. \
Sincerely, Wanda Knotts    porkchop@troycable.net

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> At 12:04 27/03/01 -0600, you wrote:
> >I am truly wondering if anyone can help me in my search for my GG
> >grandmother's parents.  Her Name was Nancy Sinclair and she was born in
> >North Carolina according to the 1900 and 1920 Census.  Please anyone with
> >information please help.  She was born approximately 1878.
>  From the St Clairs of the Isles, I note a Reverend John Campbell
> who was born in Tiree
> Scotland, who was educated at Edinburgh and Glasgow Universities.
> In 1838, he and his family came to Nova Scotia where he became a Minister
> in the
> Presbyterian Church.  In 1858 he moved to North Carolina and, after 1870
> laboured
> amongst the Freedmen until 1869 when his voice suddenly failed.  He died
> 1878
> which is the date of your grandmother's birth.
> He may have been a Minister at the Presbyterian Church at Smyrna in North
> Carolina
> where another Sinclair, the Reverend James Sinclair, was also known to
> been a
> Minister.  In 1851 he was made Chaplain of the 5th N.C.Infantry by
> Jefferson Davis.
> He commanded half of the Reigment at Bull Run and in December 1861 was
> Coloinel in Chief of the 35th N.C. Regiment (a strange occupation one
> think for
> a pastor).  He married in 1846 (Mary, daughter of a Samuel McPherson) and
> again in
> 1860 another Mary, the daughter of Dr Edward McQueen of Lumberton, N.C.
> had 10 children:
>                          James John
>                          Julia
>                          Alexander
>                          Edward
>                          Cunningham
>                          Mary Ellen
>                          Sarah Elizabeth
>                          Annie
>                          Margaret
>                          Alexander
> There was also a Rev. Alexander Sinclair of Charlotte, North Carolina who
> married twice and had 8 children:
>                          B revard Davidson
>                          Mary Duart (b.1861)
>                          John Campbell (b.1864)
>                          Alex McLean (died at birth)
>                          Alex Peter (b.1867)
>                          Laura Virginia (b.1870)
>                          Richard Springs (b.and d. 1873)
>                          Annie Harley (b.1875)
> Again, there doesn't seem to be a Nancy Sinclair amongst them.  The above
> information
> was obtained by Rold St Clair, the author of "The St Clairs of the Isles"
> from "An Historical
> Account of the Children and Grandchildren of the Reverend James Campbell
> Sinclair"
> which was written by the Reverend Brevard Davidson Sinclair (listed above
> as the son  of
> the Reverend Alexander Sinclair).
> Wanda, I hope this helps to point you in the right direction.  As this
> branch of the Sinclair
> family seemed to be men of the cloth and staunch Presbyterians, I am sure
> the Church
> records in North Carolina will have some record of your  g.g.grandmother's
> parents.It may even be possible that one of the above names has been
> incorrectly recorded.  Annie Harley seems to
> have been the nearest to the date of your g.g.grandmother or, perhaps,
> had another child
> after Annie Harley who wasn't listed at the time the Reverend Brevard
> compiled the family tree
> Good luck
> Niven Sinclair

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