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Re: Yours Aye

Dear Laurel Fechner,

     I was very interested in the fact that someone was interested in 
building a replica of Prince Henry Sinclair's ship for use in a documentary 
movie about him.  My brother, Mr. Robert D. Green, a structural, civil and 
sanitary engineer who lives in Somers Point, New Jersey was the Voyage 
Coordinator for the 600th Anniversary of the Scottish Discovery of America in 
1398.  He worked with Mr. Pete Cummings of Worcester, Massachusetts, as did 
I.  Robert and Mr. Cummings were working with shipbuilders in the U.S. 
concerning building a full-size replica of one of Prince Henry's ships to be 
sailed from Scotland to the U.S. in 1998.
     Robert, I am sure, would be very interested in contacting the person you 
mentioned who is interested in building a replica of Prince Henry's ship.  
Could you please send me the name and E-mail address and/or regular address 
of this person so that I may forward it to Robert?
     Thank you very much for your assistance in this matter.


Susan M. Grady
Virginia Commissioner
Clan Sinclair Association, U.S.A.
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