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Yours Aye

Last weekend as I helped haul wheel barrows of dirt for landscaping around
our new church, I had the opportunity to reflect upon the women
archeologists digging on the island of Papasay in Orkney.  That was one of
the interesting stories that was in the recent issue of Yours Aye. Some may
remember that it appeared first  on this discussion list but nevertheless it
needed retelling for those without computers and myself to enjoy again.
Bob Flaws has relieved Sindy Barker of the task of publishing the Yours Aye.
I applaud your efforts, Bob and know that Cindy is feeling good about it
too.  I have tried to picture Cindy and Brad putting labels on all those
issues and hauling them off to the post office.  Bob, did you have help?

     Good to read about the New Jersey and Virginia Commissioners activities
but really sad to read about Gordon Flaw's award and know that he has now
passed from the scene so prematurely.   And (Who was the idiot that made the
rule that we can't start a sentence with "and"?   I could just throttle
him/her)  just a few days after receiving this issue and reading Bob Flaws
article about The Birlinn or Heraldic Galley, I received an E-mail from a
person interested in building the early craft that Prince Henry sailed in
for use in a documentary movie about him.   Niven did you get my E-mail
about that???

     The point to this after thanking Bob Flaws, is to point out how timely
the information is in the Yours Aye even though on the surface some of it is
600 years old.  This Sinclair saga is all around us.  A woman came up to me
at a DAR meeting yesterday and said she keeps running into Henry in her
research. (I gave a talk on him last year) I have to get back to her and
find out what in the world she was talking about since he was long before
the Revolution.  But anyway it made some sort of impression on her.

   Oh yes, I enjoyed seeing Mark Anderson and Dave Mitchell of South Africa
and John Henderson.  We message each other and don't put a face with a name
until an opportunity like this.   And now we know Bob Flaw's face also.
Nice smile.  So all of you out there with interesting stories to tell about
your Sinclair/St. Clair ancestors, please get busy and send in your stories
to Bob.  Deadlines, and methods of submission were given.  If you haven't
joined the clan Sinclair USA (or your respective country's Clan association)
yet, well,.............words fail me.  Applications for Clan USA are at
www.clansinclairusa.org   "membership"   I believe is the link.


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