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To Everyone,
I understand Tim's point of view.  But as the saying goes "you don't throw
the baby out with the bath-water".
Admittedly; the meaning of Masonic symbols is not his strength; but as a
mason, I will do that for myself.
IMHO Andrew Sinclair has provided me with much material that I have not come
across form other sources; such as the images from the Templar/Masonic
graves at Kilmartin, Sinclair traditions regarding the Robin Hood play in
his book "The Sword and the Grail".
His book initiated my journey/quest into Sinclair territory; for which I am
eternally grateful.
With regard to "The Secret Scroll" it has provided probably less new
material for myself; however there are plenty of colour images from medieval
Grail accounts and other bits and pieces.  This book deserves a detailed
write-up which I am prepared to do when I have finished it.  I am 2/3
through it.
Basically, I read a chapter sit-back and chew it over before plodding on to
the next chapter.
I have read most of your books Tim and can say I keep them right alongside
those of Andrew's.
Both of you deliver valuable information, but do come from very different
I have wondered about some of the things mentioned by Andrew and sought a
reference at the back of the book; but he has not included them
This is frustrating, but he does include a general list of references on
topics mentioned in each chapter.
With all that said; I highly value the works of both Tim and Andrew.  They
are important components of my Sinclair collection.
My last comment is that I find it inspiring that Andrew would even bother to
search through all the local records and come across the scroll in the first
Particularly accessing Masonic buildings etc.
Additionally, he was very quick to publish his findings and get it out to us
Whether it all stands up to the test of time, we shall see.  "Truth will
conquer all".
And maybe he is taking an academic risk in not waiting for corroborating
If he waited, we would have to wait.  For myself, I cannot wait for others
to stamp their authorities approval before I should be exposed to it.
But his effort is now out there; for each of us to read and weigh-up for
This is somewhat of a defence for Andrew Sinclair as he is not on email.
I think we should treat all those that bring us new news through their own
efforts with kindness and thanks.
To Tim and all of you that search out truth in your own capacity; our
warmest wishes to you.