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Tartan Day in Washington, DC

I have seen that there are Sinclairs in the general DC area and want to
pass this on, in case it didn't come out in a newsletter, courtesy of
the Robertson newsletter:  April 5th, 1100AM on the lowest west terrace
of the US Capitol - Sir Sean Connery to receive "the prestigious
American-Scottish Foundation William Wallace Award", special guests
Scottish Parlement representatives: Henry McLeish, First Minister;
Patricia Ferguson, Deputy Presiding Officer; John Swinney, Leader of the
Opposition, the Brisitsh Ambassador, His Excellency, Sir Christopher
Myer.  Performance by the Air Force Reserve Pipe Band, soloist Wintrey
Phipps to play "Amazing Grace" (bet it's the only thing he/she knows
SRS) Dress kilt daywear or kilt dress, or show your colors by wearing
someting tartan (Please no sgian dubhs/skene dhus).  Looks like it is
part of the Cherry Blossom Festival which should be ending about that
time.  Crazy juxtaposition! Sally
I only send my stuff in "plain language", that way there is no double
and triple same message on the discussion list. I also do not copy any
more than I must when answering someone. Hope that helps someone. SRS

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