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Re: Masons

Dear Bruce,

    Andrew most certainly did not search through the records and 'dsicover'
the Kirkwall Scroll. He was shown it, in the company of all the speakers at
the Sinclair Symposium, including myself, when guests of the Lodge at

    It wasn't even his idea to carbon date the artefact. That suggestion
came from Niven, who stated that it was about time Andrew used his contacts
at the University to do something useful such as carbon date the Scroll. As
usual, Andrew claims all the credit for Niven's work. To be quite frank our
Mi'qmak guests knew more about the symbolism of the Scroll than Andrew.
Andrew's interpretation of the meaning of the Scroll is so far off the mark
as to cloud the important issue of the Scroll for years and, in so doing, he
has put back the cause of serious research considerably.

    The rest of the book is in character with his flawed theories being
simply a poor rehash of the flawed thinking that characterised 'The Sword
and the Grail'.



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