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Re: Freedom of expression on the list

>Fellow Listers,
>                           I agree that diversity is the foundation of the
>Sinclair list, but tradition has it that we are a proud clan of strong
>character and opinion. We can and must politely accept other opinions. But I
>have a big gripe: the use of the forward button on your computers, the
>repeat message is time consuming when a reply is one and at the end of the
>I have just come home from a long day and find a total of 83 mails, with so
>many repeats I fee tempted to delete the lot unread. This is not exclusive
>to the Sinclair List I receive 8 other lists and one has stated that repeats
>will be stopped by the administrator and returned to sender.

There's currently a size limit on messages posted to the list.
Messages that are too large get bounced to the list administrators.
Even at 7,000 bytes max two such got bounced today.  Then we send
a note to the poster asking them to trim their message and repost.

I've just set the size limit smaller.

>I feel much better having got that of my chest,      Please keep away from
>that forward button.

And if you do, your postings will get through a lot faster.

Other people have commented on quality of postings on the list lately.
It seems to me there has been less genealogy than there used to be.
That's unfortunate.

On the other hand, often odd topics such as Amazing Grace lead to
discussions that are directly related to current or very recent past
events involving family members.

In any case, as Gary has already remarked, within fairly wide limits,
the list is what you the list members make of it.  For me it's a hobby
that I spend very little time on.

>Roy Sinclair  Dunedin NZ

John S. Quarterman <jsq@matrix.net>
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