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Freedom of expression on the list

Fellow Listers,
                           I agree that diversity is the foundation of the
Sinclair list, but tradition has it that we are a proud clan of strong
character and opinion. We can and must politely accept other opinions. But I
have a big gripe: the use of the forward button on your computers, the
repeat message is time consuming when a reply is one and at the end of the
I have just come home from a long day and find a total of 83 mails, with so
many repeats I fee tempted to delete the lot unread. This is not exclusive
to the Sinclair List I receive 8 other lists and one has stated that repeats
will be stopped by the administrator and returned to sender.

I feel much better having got that of my chest,      Please keep away from
that forward button.

Roy Sinclair  Dunedin NZ

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