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Sinclairs in Virginia

http://www.lva.lib.va.us/dlp/genbib/  This URL is the digital library of
the State Library of Virginia.  To use it - for genealogy the R. Bolling
Batte files are the most interesting. Open that file, scroll down to the
surname closest to the surname you are researching and open. from there
you have to search. Sinclair, for instance, go somewhere in the middle
(on the bottom of the first card, is a chance to choose the page you
want), choose a random page and then go backward or forward until you
find the right place. My Arthur Sinclairs in there in redundancy. There
is another Sinclair besides his line. There is a site for land grants
and one for handwritten pages written by the person you are searching,
sometimes. You can open and read the handwritten pages, but they don't
print.  Niven, maybe these pages will help you.

 From the St Clairs of the Isles, I find that the Sinclairs of Virginia
arrived in 1747 and located near Leesburg from where they spread out to
Charlottesville whilst others of the same family headed for Illinois.

As your family's arrival seem to have predated these Sinclairs by 50
years, I
hope it is all recorded somewhere. I  have little doubt that the late
Sinclair would have been known to your family.  She was an indomitable
lady who is honoured in the Sport's Hall of Fame of your State.

Your own name (like the St Clairs) was brought over to England by the

Niven Sinclair

General notes on Sinclairs in Virginia and elsewhere in the south

7 May 1756 - James Sinclair of Scotland, no age, bound to John
Blackwood, 4 yrs in Antigua and Montserrat - ATSM agreements to secure
plantation Memoranda/f.16

Memorandum of Field Officers in the Confederate States Service
Name: James Sinclair
Rank: Colonel
Division: 35th North Carolina Infantry

Memorandum of Field Officers in the Confederate States Service
Name: Jefferson Sinclair
Rank: Major
Division: 32d Virginia Infantry

Memorandum of Field Officers in the Confederate States Service
Name: P. J. Sinclair
Rank: Major, Lieut-Col.
Division: 5th North Carolina Infantry

>From files of the State Library of Virginia:
Sir John St Clair, quartermaster general in General Braddock’s Army
Charles Sinclair land patent 31, 1751-56, p 406, 22 Aug 1753, Augusta
Co, 996a. On south branch of Indian River

Alexander Sinclair, land grant M, p 232, 1 Jun 1784, Jefferson Co, KY
2000a, on the first large branch above Curtains Improvement and bounded
on one side by Green River.
Alexander Sinclair, land grant 17, p 668, 21 Aug 1788, Fayette Co, KY,
1000a on a creek emptying into Kentucky above four miles above Lees

MG Arthur Sinclair governor of northwest territory December 1787, a year
after Shay’s had been beaten at Springfield, Ohio County. Resigned the
army after losing 200 men and guns to indian battle(1791) but remained
territorial governor  (There are many Sinclair families from his staying
there (SRS)

Elizabeth Sinclair m (evidently in GA) William Mason b 24 Jul 1751
Kirkwall, Orkney Islands, weaver, residence Dunnat, Caithness sh Sep
1775 from Kirkwall to Savannah, GA on Marlborough, settled Richmond Co,

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