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Fwd: Stay On Sinclair/St. Clair Subjects


Hey cousin, Are you one of the lucky ones still in Virginia?  I have been 
away for 37yrs and long to go home, if the luck of my Irish grandmother is 
with me we may do just that this summer.  Did you know that Meador's son John 
Henry was murdered?  When my cousin and I found out we were beside ourselves 
with enjoyment of the event, evidently he was not a universally loved fellow 
as the law such as it was didn't look too hard for the assassin.  Although he 
was a twit he had quite wonderful children one of whom you know is Charles, 
there were 10 in all and 8 lived to adulthood, among them a civil engineer 
who worked all over this side of the Atlantic and Kenneth the youngest who 
was killed in battle in WW1.  The female siblings were not to be scoffed at 
either they were all accomplished ladies.  Unfortunately when I was born only 
one of them was still alive Mary Ellen StClair known throughout our little 
slice of heaven as Miss Mary, the one to call whenever you need an answer to 
a question or medical help as she was an R.N.  I was going to shut up now but 
remembered that we are still hoping to find what became of John Henry's 
oldest son, James Meador StClair.  He left Giles Co. Va in the early 1900's 
as a very young man and kept in touch with his mother by post for several 
years then dropped from sight.  The last card was from somewhere in the 
Sierras in about 1913.  Believe it or not I truly have documents that give 
the actual dates of all this stuff but my search for it has been in vain so 
far.  One more piece of luck that we have is that My mother's first cousin 
Lillian S. Blackford if putting together the story of our line and I pray for 
her speed and good health daily as she is the only one I know who has all 
this stuff in one place. If anyone runs across Uncle Jim please let me know 
as my Mother is very cross with me as one can just type this stuff into the 
computer and it replies with the correct answer!  Good to hear from you and 
there are a bunch more of us scattered around. Charlotte