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Re: Fwd: Stay On Sinclair/St. Clair Subjects

Wow that was a great story.  I don't really know my St.Clair side all the well.
Tho i did receive some very interesting  information on my Handely side of the
family. And my grandfather Gamble tells me stories of his youth.


CGellis@aol.com wrote:

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> Subject: Re: Stay On Sinclair/St. Clair Subjects
> Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 15:12:27 EST
> From: CGellis@aol.com
> To: TimberlyA@aol.com
> Hey cousin, Are you one of the lucky ones still in Virginia?  I have been
> away for 37yrs and long to go home, if the luck of my Irish grandmother is
> with me we may do just that this summer.  Did you know that Meador's son John
> Henry was murdered?  When my cousin and I found out we were beside ourselves
> with enjoyment of the event, evidently he was not a universally loved fellow
> as the law such as it was didn't look too hard for the assassin.  Although he
> was a twit he had quite wonderful children one of whom you know is Charles,
> there were 10 in all and 8 lived to adulthood, among them a civil engineer
> who worked all over this side of the Atlantic and Kenneth the youngest who
> was killed in battle in WW1.  The female siblings were not to be scoffed at
> either they were all accomplished ladies.  Unfortunately when I was born only
> one of them was still alive Mary Ellen StClair known throughout our little
> slice of heaven as Miss Mary, the one to call whenever you need an answer to
> a question or medical help as she was an R.N.  I was going to shut up now but
> remembered that we are still hoping to find what became of John Henry's
> oldest son, James Meador StClair.  He left Giles Co. Va in the early 1900's
> as a very young man and kept in touch with his mother by post for several
> years then dropped from sight.  The last card was from somewhere in the
> Sierras in about 1913.  Believe it or not I truly have documents that give
> the actual dates of all this stuff but my search for it has been in vain so
> far.  One more piece of luck that we have is that My mother's first cousin
> Lillian S. Blackford if putting together the story of our line and I pray for
> her speed and good health daily as she is the only one I know who has all
> this stuff in one place. If anyone runs across Uncle Jim please let me know
> as my Mother is very cross with me as one can just type this stuff into the
> computer and it replies with the correct answer!  Good to hear from you and
> there are a bunch more of us scattered around. Charlotte

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