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RE: Masons Mormons

Br Jerry,
I would appreciate any info you have on this subject.
I have nearly finished the book; The Secret Scroll.  The scroll is the smoking gun for proof of the Templarism into freemasonry.
It helps having the scanned images to piece it all together.  You were preparing a lecture using the images sent to you plus the book itself and video.
I would also appreciate a copy of your lecture if you have it on file that you were going to deliver at lodge, some time ago.
Yours fraternally
Bruce Carlyon MM
Chelsea Lodge 346 UGLV
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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Please send what info you have about the subject.  And I will do the same for you!
It is an amazing historical account with many twists and turns!
Thank you,
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From: John Liley
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Subject: Masons Mormons

Folks I have all the supporting info regarding all that muddled history.  I did not want to get into Theology on the list.  If anyone would like further info please contact me off the list. firstmortage@beehivecredit.com Did you know that Joseph Smith's first plural wife was Captain Morgan's Widow?