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Re: Masons Mormons

DEar Friends,
An urgent word of caution about Andrew Sinclair's conclusions on the Kirkwall Scroll. Apart from the carbon dating, which I do not question, his conclusions are so far off the mark as to be grossly misleading. The meaning of the centre panel of the scroll is obvious to anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of Freemasonry and, except in a very indirect way, have nothing to do with Rosslyn Chapel.
Andrew's capacity to fly off on a tangent based on nil eveidence is almost legendary, for example the so-called Loiusburg Cannon advanced as evidence of Prince Henry's landfall  is just one of his horrendous boobs, but this time he has excelled himself and, to be frank, has muddied the waters so badly that any serious researcher will now have to battle furiosly just to overcome the misconceptions he has advanced about the scroll.
For God's sake do not take his ideas seriously until such time, if ever, they are confirmed by at least two scholars of repute.
Best wishes