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A proposal

Dear gang,
     Surprise, surprise, surprise.  After Walmart cancelled my order for the
"Ark of the Covenant" twice and myself cancelling it again officially, my
book arrived????

I would be curious to know whether there are enough of you interested in
discussing this book chapter by chapter??    Perhaps others would like to
wait until they receive their book?
    I am drawn into the book by Chapter two that tells about Dr. Jennings at
the U. of Utah.  I took several classes of anthropology from him.  In fact I
have found a book authored by him, Elmer R. Smith and Charles E. Dibble.
Dr. Dibble was another of my professors.    It is called "Indians of Utah:
Past and Present" 1959.
   I will have to go back now and reread it and consider the mind set of Dr.
Jennings and how he might have looked upon the discoveries of Brewer.  I am
not going to peek ahead in the Ark book but plod along, although I was on
chapter 8 when I got this idea to discuss it with you.  There are some
historical errors that I know of already.  Each of us has an expertise in
different areas.  When we bring them all together maybe we will be able to
judge this book better for ourselves.

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