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Re: My Sinclair Family

Dear Sir or Madam:

     In February I joined the Clan Sinclair discussion group.  I forgot to 
submit the information about my mother's Sinclair family.  The following is 
the information:

     My mother's name is Ruth Louise Jackson Sinclair (Mrs. John P. Green).  
She was born in Waltham, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston in 1921.  Her 
husband, my father, died in February 2001.  She lives in Somers Point, New 
Jersey.  Her father was John D. Sinclair.  He was born in 1880 in Waltham, 
Massachusetts and died there in 1945.
    John D. Sinclair father was James A. Sinclair.  He was born in February 
1837 in Glasgow, Scotland.  He died in Waltham in September 1913.  In 1850 he 
came with his parents, John Sinclair and Mary McArthur (They were married in 
Finnieston district Glasgow; we have not been able to trace the family back 
further than them.), his older brother, John Sinclair, and his younger 
sister, Eliza Sinclair, to Hamilton, Ontario Province, Canada around 1842.  
In 1850 the Sinclair family went to Watertown, New York.  James A. Sinclair 
was living in Brighton, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston, in 1860 and by 
1877 he was living in Waltham. 
    We do not know if the parents of James A. Sinclair entered the United 
States or not.  John Sinclair, James A. Sinclair's brother, ended up in 
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada where he died in 1915.  Eliza Sinclair 
married a Mr. Oliver and lived in Maine.  She died in Somerville, 
Massachusetts, near Boston, in the 1920s or 1930s.  She was living with her 
unmarried daughter Etta Oliver.
    The father of James A. Sinclair, John Sinclair, was born around 1808 on 
Isle of St. Helena, Glenluce, Scotland (100 miles southwest of Glasgow near 
Stranraer).  In September 2000 my husband and I went to England, Scotland and 
Wales.  We visited Glenluce and Glasgow, but have not been able to find any 
of my mother's Sinclair relatives.


Susan M. Sinclair Green Grady
Virginia Commissioner
Clan Sinclair Association, U.S.A.
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