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Re: 17th Cent Sinclairs back to Scotland

Do you know whether Arthur was born in Scotland or Virginia.  Also, I have seen
many entries for early Sinclairs in the Cavaliers and pioneers, including some from
Surry County.  Have you checked out the land records there?  I know that most of
the state's land records were abstracted by the Spraccio family and was wondering
if you had seen these?

esdemio@att.net wrote:

> for Robert Goff:  Assuredly. What happened to those
> people I quoted - I don't know. They are too early for my
> branch.  I put the names up hoping that someone could use
> them. I am told that all Sinclairs, whether in New
> England or the South are related. My branch begins by
> being a sea captain between Scalloway and Virginia in mid
> 1700s. There are three statements that he has a ship
> "Alice" between Glasgow and Virginia. That he has a ship
> "Betsy" taking furs back to Scotland and lastly that he
> 'took a prize' but was never paid for it by the American
> Government well after the Revolution.  His claim was put
> forth, but never paid.  He settled in Surry Co, VA at
> Cobham and was a trustee for the town. He married Suzanna
> Phillips in Halifax (NS or a VA County?). He died in
> Surry Co. They had at least one son, named for the father
> - Arthur - This Arthur was a naval officer in the War of
> 1812 and got noticed by the state of Virginia who gave
> him a sword in recognition of his 'gallantry'. That sword
> is now the property of the Historical Society of VA. His
> son Arthur, was in the US Navy and then in the
> Confederate Navy. His son Arthur, followed his father and
> served where he did, including both men were on the
> Confederate Raider, CSS Alabama. That makes 4 generations
> and 4 Arthurs. After the "War of Rebellion" Arthur(4)
> married and lived in Baltimore, MD and his son Arthur(5)
> lived in New York. Arthur(4) died in 1927(?), can't
> remember.  In five generations, we have come from mid
> 18th century to at least mid or late 20th century. I just
> don't have the connection back in Scotland, which is what
> I'm looking for. I do have specific info, but not here,
> unless someone wants particulars. Sally
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