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Re: Why Bjork may really be a Scot.

At 10:37 04/03/01 +0000, you wrote:
Iain Laird's interesting article confirms a lot of what is written by Farley Mowat in the Alban Quest - The Search for the Lost Tribe.  I am in the middle of reading it. Rather than Scots it might be they were Albans who were pushed out by the Scots who came over from Ireland.
Malcolm Caithness

Or, it may be, that the 'Scots' referred to were, in fact, people of Viking
descent from Orkney and Shetland which islands, at the material time,
were not ruled by Scotland but by Norway.

The monks which Nicolo Zeno found in the monastery in Greenland
were mainly from Shetland which would reinforce the argument that
the Icelandic settlers were more likely to have been from the Northern
Isles rather than from the Scottish mainland.