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Tim and Marilyn in the Great Northwest


With some trepidation, we headed out to Yelm this morning to hear the
Wallace-Murpheys.  (Seattle-area indeed--it's about 6o miles south and a bit
east, but a lovely drive with a new and dramatic view of Mt.Rainier.) At any
rate, we arrived and found a large walled and gated conpound with enormous guard
dogs barking with menace in a fenced area.  We told the guards we were Sinclair
guests and they let us right in, but escorted us every step of the day.  The
only other "Sinclair guests"  were Gerald and Florence St. Clair of Kent--really
pleasant people. As such, the four of us were alllowed to sit on folding chairs
at the back of the room.  Everybody else in the audience was seated on the
floor--more than a thousand of them.  

Our escorts introduced us to T W-M, and he asked us to let the list know that he
was indeed there.  He looked as nervous as we felt, so I intuited that he wanted
witnesses in case the gates did not open to let him out.

The room in which they spoke was an enormous converted equestrian area, rebuilt
and carpeted throughout, with individual squatting spaces outlined with duct
tape,approximately 3'x5'ft per person. 

While we were waiting for the show to begin, our hosts took us on a quick tour
of the grounds (hundreds of tents in one area, hundreds of recreational vehicles
in another area, and a large pasture where we were told, thousands of
blindfolded people would do dream searches and meditation at once.  That was not
happpening at the time.  There was also a VERY BIG walled labryinth in the
distance which we were told was also used for blindfolded quests, en

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