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the Wallace-Murphys, part 2

Sorry, the note space ran out.

After the tour, we were taken to the bookstore, where there was a great
collection of books on spirituality, neuro-science, quantum physics, etc.  When
asked if we had read the books by Tim and Marilyn, they insisted on GIVING us a
copy of the Rex Deus book to have autographed, which we did later.  

Next we were rushed back int the "auditorium" to hear the speakers.  Basically,
they had been asked to tell the students "all the things they had left out of
the RD book".  The authors put on a very good slide and anecdotal show, taking
turns with the narrative.  The audience was entranced with their humor and
style, and seemed to be drinking it in, interrupting frequently with applause.
Apparently, most of them had read and believed the theses of the book. 

At the lunch break, the authors were whisked off to the big house (for lunch
with JZ, the founding channeler to Ramtha) and we were driven off campus and
taken to lunch in Yelm by our very solicitous and pleasant guards.

After lunch, we had been promised that we would hear a lot more about Rosslyn,
but most of the audience's questions were concerned with other matters--some of
the questions were perceptive, and some were quaint and unanswerable.  We left
before the session was over, but Tim and Marilyn were still gamely responding to
the questions from the floor.

We hope and trust they will soon be back in Great Britain, no worse for the
wear.---Kay Sinclair

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