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Re: Tim Wallace-Murphy

At 21:51 19/02/01 +0000, you wrote:
>At 08:20 19/02/01 -0800, you wrote:
>>Dear Cousins,
>>Tim says:  "We are speaking at he Ramtha School of Enlightenment at Yelm,
>>near Seattle on Sunday (February 24th)  all day. Hope to do an interview on
>>the Laura Lee show on Monday."
>>      It is unknown to me whether the Ramtha School facilities will
>>accommodate a lot of extra people but this may be the closest many of us in
>>the Northwest will have to hearing Tim so you better give it your best shot
>>to find out the details from the Ramtha School.
>>Perhaps the Seattlites can tell us about the Laura Lee show.
>>The Laura Lee Show is for the "intellectually daring" .  It is syndicated
>>to about 47 stations throughout the U.S. and Canada.  It is a 'phone-in
>   type programme which has a good following.  I took part in a programme
>   about Prince Henry Sinclair in 1996.  The response was terrific.  The two
>   hours (which I had been dreading) sped past in no time.
>Tim will give a very good account of himself.
>I have just spent the weekend reading through the manuscript of his new
>book on Prince henry Sinclair.  It will be a winner.  I have read all of
>books and this is undoubtedly his best to date.
>If he can't find a publisher, I will publish it myself.
>Niven Sinclair

I look forward to the book.
Niven, (if you are the same Niven Sinclair in the book), I read with great
interest the account of your 
drilling attempts at Rosslyn Chapel in 'The Secret Scroll.' Is there likely
to be any follow-up, to perhaps find a way round this problem
of the dust getting on the fibre-optic cable camera lense? Will permission
now, or in future, be
granted for any excavations, and if not, what are the reasons against such
excavations given, if any?

I, too, am interested in Tim Wallace-Murphy's material, although I only
have his 'Rosslyn' book at present. I have tried to contact him by email,
without success, to discuss a potential family connection. His description
of the 'Rex Deus' group is provocative, and also the information he gave to
the masonic authors of 'The Second Messiah' raises significant questions
about the origins of the Sinclairs and the Templars.


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