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Re: Do you know these persons

The "Sinclair Freeway" is on he interstate connection I5-80 running from 
Walnut Creek to San Jose and conecting wih the US 101 (main North-South) 
coastal freeway, Mexico to Canada.  It was named after a pioneer ship captain 
who came to San Francisco during the Gold Rush, and gave up the sea for a 
better life as a fruit grower in Southern 
Alameda County.  He was a community leader and very important in the growth 
of Alameda County, whose leaders named a lare shopping complex for him, and 
nominated his name to the Highway Department for naming that portion of the 
new interstate connection which runs by his old rancho.

I remember this much from my days as a Sinclair Commissioner in Norhern CA; 
since the time I came by the above informafion, our Vice-PresidentGary 
Sinclair may have found where the captain came from and something of his 
Scots family.

Ray Lower               
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