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Re: Sr. John St. Clair - Braddock's defeat

Hi Terry, your package i promised you is on the way .
I live about 15 minutes drive from Braddock where the battle was fought. 
There is still an area of the battle field that is untouched but mostly 
Andrew Carnegie built a steel mill  ( Edgar Thompson  plant) on most of the 
area & also an huge  library is right on the site that was built at the turn 
of the century for steel workers & their families to enjoy . It has a huge 
swimming pool & bowling alley with showers & thousands of books . There are 
some artifacts of the battle displayed there although the building was 
abandoned for several yrs with all the things inside just left in their place 
due to lack of funding to repair the roof & other problems . Today thankfully 
it has been repaired & many of the books & artifacts were saved . Across the 
Monongahela river is an amusement park where if you ride the roller coaster 
you can see the entire area of the battle field , where they crossed & the 
mill itself. Also about 45 minutes ride from Braddock is the place where he 
was buried in the middle of Forbes road so the Indians wouldn't disturb his 
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