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Re: Sr. John St. Clair - Braddock's defeat

Hi Glen!
How very luck you are to live in such a historical area.  I have been
interested in that area specifically for quite a while. One of my ancestors,
Thomas M. Maxwell (4th Great Grandfather) died while attempting to cross the
Monongahela river about 1798, and reportedly drowned, although there has
been some reference to his demise being a result of a more focused intent
than accident.  His Great Grandaughter, Flora Fitzwilliam, married Bertram
St. Clair, my grandfather.
I have done some documentation in the area as a result in my own files,
which is why the Braddock's defeat reference rang such bells with me
regarding my own research data. I am interested in the St. Clair genealogy
in that area, as it appears to have no connection to the lines going back to
my Daniel/Isabella connection. However, there are several lines that are
unaccounted for.
On a side note, about a year ago, I managed to obtain a small tract book
which was being auctioned, that records the marriage of George Washington
St. Clair to Sarah (Sally) Ann Jones on a certificate bound within the book
itself, and is dated March 22, 1859 signed by the minster, James D. Keardon.
Rev. Keardon had apparently gotten ink on his fingers, as he left his
fingerprint very noticably on the back cover of the small cloth covered
book. The book is entitled " Advice to the Newly Married couple", is 96
pages in length, and is an eye-opening look into the recommended behaviour
of newly wedded bliss.

Looking forward to your package and exchanging files with you...

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